Personal Development – A Lifelong Journey

I heard lots of people asking almost the same question, perhaps with different paraphrasing and it goes like this. “How can I become wealthy and happy?” The most common answer will be “Work harder so that you can make more money!” Well, I will most probably probe further by asking “What do you work harder on?” I guess you will most probably say “Isn’t that obvious? It should be on your job!” Well, it is true if you are contended with a life of mediocrity. If you want to live a life of richness and success, then you ought to learn to work harder on yourself than you do it on your job. That is when personal development makes its grand entrance to your life. Continue reading

Human Resources: A Valuable Department That Shouldn’t Cost An Arm And Leg

Human resources is a vital department regardless of what type of business you own, operate, or run. Human resources personnel handle and tackle a wide variety of different responsibilities, all of which help your business run more efficiently, lawfully, and can even keep your business out of hot water by keeping employees and management up-to-date on laws surrounding employer/employee relationships. Most people equate human resources with things like harassment in the workplace and employment terminations however the scope of their responsibilities is far greater than that. Continue reading

The Crucial Elements To Executive Leadership Development

Not all people who conduct leadership development can be sensitive on the needs of different kinds of leaders. They don’t realize that you have those leaders who really rely or be contingent on other consumers or experiences only to keep them going while there are actually those who count on themselves in offering their command skills. Continue reading

Vision and Goal Setting for Business leadership

An organization can become a shark infested pool for leaders who do not have direction and a clear understanding of the path they wish to take when it comes to attaining operations success. Unlike other aspects of corporate development where you can try a little of everything to find a niche that works for a process, successful leadership in business requires managers to jump in instead of wade requiring decisiveness and a sharp ability to decide accurately. Continue reading